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Technology Trading Partners, LLC is a U.S-based Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of pre-owned technology and provider of ITAsset Disposition (ITAD) and other IT Services.



Technology Trading Partners is lead by  knowledgeable and experienced team of IT Professionals. Our combined skills and knowledge ensures you’re supported throughout your engagement.

Ensuring Quality

Whether you are purchasing pre-owned hardware, using our Asset Disposal or other IT Services, Applying  Highest Quality Standards is our #1 Priority!.

Payment Options & Financing

TTP Accepts multiple forms of payment  based on your organization’s requirements and Procurement Processes.


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You can always us! We’re  Ready to Respond!

Technology Trading Partners, LLC is a U.S-based Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of pre-owned technology as well as a provider of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and other IT Services. We specialize in data center infrastructure, telephony and telecommunications systems, and UPS power back-up systems. Our 25+ years of knowledge and experience has enabled us to provide our customers with reliable, responsive, and professional service. Part of our value-added service is investment recovery which allows clients to leverage their technology by selling off their non-performing tech assets and reinvesting the proceeds into equipment they require for growth and expansion.

TTP has established relationships with IT hardware and service providers all around the world. Working with TTP will enable you access to not only our inventory, but also within our extensive IT dealer network. Our ability to source parts, complete systems, and configure to your specifications, creates a valuable partnership with your organization that becomes a vital resource in daily procurement requirements. 

IT Asset Disposal is not rocket science. It is simple and straightforward if you work with a company that understands the secondary market. Recyclers will tell you that if you don’t use their paid service, your company can be in danger of violating environmental laws or be out of compliance. Although compliance and  environmental issues are our priority and focus as well, we approach technology’s End of Life (EOL) as an opportunity to turn what’s thought of as a “LIABILITY”, into an “ASSET”. Using our tried and proven methods, we create the highest value out of your non-essential surplus equipment. Ultimately, our goal is to Maximize your Return on Investment!

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