Staging and Logistics

Let’s say you’re rolling out new stiches at all your nationwide locations. Technology Trading Partners has a program to receive your new product at our facility, prepare it for deployment based on your requirements, ship it to your locations and retrieve the old switch back to our facility to be repurposed or recycled. Many of our customers have found that outsourcing this particular facet of a project can help improve downtime, work disruption, and decrease costs.

TTP’s turnkey service includes:

  • Receiving and inventory of assets
  • Temporary storing in secure facility
  • Software installation
  • Installation of various components
  • Product Configurations 
  • Labeling
  • End-to-end testing
  • Packing and shipping

Technology Trading Partners works with a number of customers to help support network deployments and upgrades. We understand having the right level of planning, resources and effort assigned to the staging task is critical to a successful technology deployment.

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