lT Decommissioning

Whether you are moving to the cloud, upgrading, moving offices or data centers, consolidating, or simply cleaning, proper disposal of old IT equipment can be a burden on an organization.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be!

As a leader for 25+ years in the ITAD industry, Technology Trading Partners has developed the skilled resources, processes, and nationwide coverage to assure that your equipment is properly decommissioned and disposed of or delivered back to you for reuse. There is also a good possibility that the hardware you don’t need may still have some value. 

Our basic decommissioning process:

  • Create a checklist to document the entire decommissioning process
  • Confirm the identity of assets and create an inventory with serial numbers
  • Coordinate with the client to make sure critical backups are done
  • Disable network & user access
  • Securely wipe sensitive data off hard drives
  • Determine if there is any value

IT Asset Disposit

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