Who We Support

Technology Trading Partners works with a variety of customers. We support all size companies from small businesses to Fortune 100 organizations across all verticals throughout the world.  


Managed Service Providers are very busy assisting and managing their customers

Facility Management

TPP supports facility managers with ITAD to make sure they can focus on the needs of their customers.

Large Enterprise

Enterprise companies have a lot going on at all times with high demands to support their customers and employees. 

Mid Market

TTP is built to help mid-market companies leverage our resources and processes to provide a complete program for your IT Asset Disposal needs. 


Managing resources, budgets, regulations, competition, and customer satisfaction are just some of the demands that constantly confront small businesses.

Data Centers

Whether for your own data center needs or for your customers, TTP helps to properly and securely dispose of any unwanted IT equipment.

What we have learned over the last 25+ years is that just about all organizations regardless of size, industry, or geographic region, require assistance and support for IT Asset Disposal by a trusted partner.


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