IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

ITAD is so much more than just disposal of End-Of-Life technology. Logistics, data destruction, asset sales and environmental benefits, are just some of the services we provide to turn those liabilities into assets.  

Our ITAD Process

Our ITAD approach is a five-step process that ensures a secure, cost-effective, least business disruptive program that makes sense for your organization’s specific needs and at the same time can bring value rather than expenses.

Selling Your IT Equipment

Selling  your surplus, non-performing technology increases your bottom line while at the same time reducing expenses. tool for your organization. Contact us for a free equipment evaluation.

ITAD As A Service

Technology Trading Partners has made the process of IT asset disposal as simple and smooth as possible using our ITAD service program for ongoing business needs. 

Who We Support

We serve any size organizations in all industries and geographic regions  with varying needs. Learn more how your organization can benefit from our services

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