ITAD as a Service

Technology Trading Partners has created a unique program for companies and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to help with IT Asset Disposal.

Our ITAD as a Service program was developed to further assist customers properly dispose of their old and unwanted IT equipment. We automate the process so everything is done online including inventory evaluation, offer, pickup, reporting and certificate of data destruction.

Our simple procedures are as follows:

  • Initial review with customer to understand and customize a program surrounding their specific needs for IT Asset Disposal
  • Set up online account to submit IT inventory for evaluation including a timely offer and payment process
  • Schedule pickups as needed: weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Required documentation (Certificate of Data Destructing/Sanitizing) is issued
  • Properly recycle any equipment that is not purchased or repurposed
  • All activity, payment, and reporting are available online 24/7 for easy access and monitoring

By creating an organized and disciplined decommissioning process, your company will be able to minimize costs, maximize remarketing returns, streamline logistics, and gain the visibility you need to provide clear communication for your team, executives or auditors while avoiding dangerous risks of careless IT asset disposal.

IT Asset Disposit

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