End User Devices

In today’s world people need to be connected. TTP can help whether you’re looking for a mobile device, handheld, laptop, or PC.


Technology Trading Partners can source high-quality refurbished workstations for your business specific to your requests at a fraction of the cost of buying new. 


We carry laptops of all major brands and can source many other products from our partners if we don’t have it. Get your laptops from us at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


Technology Trading Partners offers high-quality refurbished desktops backed by up to a 1-year warranty with a failure rate up to 7% less than new equipment.


Businesses need mobile devices more than other to keep up with today’s changing technology. Regardless of the type of mobile device, TTP can help source high-quality devices with maximum value and minimal hassle. 

Technology Trading Partners carries just about every major brand, but since we refurbish equipment, we have the capability to customize specific requests for each customer. This presents an opportunity for flexibility to our customers to be creative in sourcing equipment at the right price that also meets or exceeds their requirements. 

Talk to one of our well-trained consultants today about how TTP can help with your end user needs.

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