Pre-Owned Equipment

Why spend more on new IT equipment when pre-owned, refurbished equipment with a warranty and support will serve the same purpose?

Once out of the box and turned on a product is deemed as used. So what’s the difference between buying something new or pre-owned? Buying pre-owned refurbished hardware should never be a cause for quality concerns. All items we sell come with a warranty and our guarantee that we stand behind the products we sell with our rigorous testing and refurbishing procedures and direct in-house customer service.

Our team of knowledgeable representatives will provide pre-sales and post-sales support and answer any product-related questions including any technical issues that may arise. All products carry a minimum 30-day warranty with most items guaranteed up to one year. In addition we offer third-party maintenance contracts to cover the product through its useful life.

We stock parts as well as complete systems which we acquire from organizations around the country. As businesses upgrade, consolidate operations, move to the cloud, or close offices, we purchase their old inventory and offer it on the secondary market. We also have the ability to source hardware from other secondary market suppliers through an established dealer network. This provides our clients with a valuable resource in their procurement process. Our goal is to Maximize Value and Minimize Hassle!


Technology Trading Partners can source network equipment of various brands based on clients’ needs and budget. 


Technology Trading Partners stocks servers and parts of all major brands. Using refurbished parts is a cost-effective way to repair or upgrade servers currently in use.


Technology Trading Partners provide storage devices and parts by all major manufacturers. We can help with expanding needs.

End User Devices

From desktops to laptops, monitors, and all-in-one systems, we can supply refurbished systems with the latest licensed OS. 

Extended Warranty

TTP  provides added product protection through extended warranty and third-party maintenance. 


Technology Trading Partners offers promotions throughout the year on specific equipment. Check out the links below to view current offers. Customers and valued partners are notified of promotions first. Contact us to get on the distribution list.

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