The IT world has been no stranger to remote working even before the pandemic. However the question now remains whether it will stay that way, or will people make their way back into the office?

In our recent LinkedIn poll we found that 56% of people said they would continue to work remotely post pandemic, while only 11% said they would be going back to the office. Here are some of the pros and cons of working from home that should be considered when deciding whether to go back in person after this year.



  • Commuting: since you never leave your front door, there is no longer the need to budget in time to get from home to the office by the time your work day begins
  • Environment: alongside commuting reducing travel, in-exchange, environmentally benefits the planet by reducing car toxins in the air on sometimes hour-long commutes
  • Connections: being able to work anywhere, anytime, means that one can connect with anyone whenever. Whether it be with a coworker who lives ten minutes away or with a client on the other side of the world, remote working makes it as simple as a click of a button to connect with that person
  • Comfort: sitting at a desk at work can be uncomfortable and hard on your physical and mental health, however the ability to work from the comfort of your home not only makes doing your job more congenial, but productivity and efficiency improve as well


  • Distractions: with everything from animals, to kids, or even your neighbors making noise around you, working from home can make for a pretty loud setting
  • Interaction: although working remotely can be nice, seeing your colleagues, clients, and friends through a computer screen is not the same as in person
  • Resources: even though working from home has its fair share of positives, the equipment and technology sometimes needed is not at one’s fingertips at home. As much as things exist mainly on the cloud, bulky items like servers, packages, and even industrial printers can’t be lugged from the office into your home. Thus, no matter how much technology you access from your fingertips, not all of it can be accessed as easily
  • Connectivity: wi-fi at home does not have the same infrastructure as in the office, thus issues are more susceptible when not working directly in the workplace
While some may stay permanently at home, go completely back to the office, or go hybrid, it is critical more than ever to have the right support and proper equipment to help secure and protect your work environment without disrupting your business. To learn more about the opinions that are available and best suit your company, contact TTP today.
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