Maintenance and support are critical components in Information Technology. When tackling hundreds of working parts for your company’s infrastructure, it is imperative you have someone to rely on in the event something goes wrong. Third-Party Maintenance is a great alternative to your standard OEM support, no matter the size of your company.


What is Third Party Maintenance?

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is added support for hardware that is provided by a third-party company, not the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). TPM providers typically are certified and trained to work with hardware from all major brands such as Cisco, IBM, Dell, HP, Oracle, Juniper and so much more. 

Why get Third-Party Maintenance?

TPM provides a wide variety of benefits for end-users, which include but are not limited to… 


Big Savings

Unlike OEMs that charge astronomically high prices from the date of purchase, TPM providers offer affordable prices that can be more than 50% off. When maintaining large company operations, support and maintenance is a ‘must’, and finding any way to save money without giving up quality support for your infrastructure is a no-brainer. Thus, TPM becomes a smart option where your company can save big.

Global Support
As previously stated, TPM saves you a lot of money compared to the traditional OEM, but Technology Trading Partner’s TPM not only provides domestic support in the United States but also international support for end-users in any country. Whether you are a few hours behind in Hawaii or half a day ahead in South Korea, our TPM experts can assist you with around-the-clock support.
Better Support

Since TPM is typically bundled for multiple devices through a single company, our expert repair team will fix several devices in a single phone call as opposed to the original equipment manufacturer, which can generally only help repair the individual device you purchase only from them…and that’s after waiting on hold for hours!


How to get Third Party Maintenance?

Ready to save money and simplify your maintenance needs by consolidating all your hardware support into one TPM contract? Then, simply call us at (410) 654-4424 or send an email to for a free quote.

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